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Fulvia Di Domenico (IT)

Posted by on Sep 30, 2011

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I’am proud to be sideman and one of the main soloists in this remarkable band around singer Fulvia di Domenico.


Fulvia was born in Rome, Italy, and grew up travelling between Africa, France, Spain and Italy itself. She studied languages and literature at the University in Rome but secretly kept cultivating her passion for singing, which grew since childhood.

In 2002 she came to the Netherlands to study Jazz and World music at the Rotterdam’s Conservatory, from where she graduated in 2006.

The band “Fulvia” is an international gathering of musicians who play together since 2003 thanks to their common passion for Brazilian music.

Over the years their musical journey developed into a blend of rhythms, styles and languages. Up-tempo Sambas, delicate Bossa Novas, melancholic Italian folk songs, French Chançons and original compositions are brought together with a twist of Jazz and Dolce Vita.

Her official website: www.fulviadidomenico.com

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