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Chris Potter Acapella Solo Standards – transcribed!!!!

Posted by on Sep 20, 2014

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Yes, it blows my mind but Eli Bennett as transcribed 11 bootleg recordings of Chris Potter’s acapella solos that for a few years started traveling around the internet. I remember the first one I heard was “Tune Up” and immediately posted a blog post with that amazing video (see below).

The 11 transcriptions are published as an eBook and can be bought (20 dolars only … a must have) from this website: http://chrispotterebook.com/

Eli Bennett studied with Chris Potter and has done the world of jazz students a fantastic favor. The next video shows that he is able to play exactly what Chris played … with amazing accuracy. This blew my mind!

Here you can listen to all eleven amazing tracks!


Inspiration for a lot of years for sure!!!

Big hug,

Wim Dijkgraaf

p.s.: Chris Potter playing Tune Up:



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