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Bossa, you've brought new life to it!

Jul 01, 2011 by William Perry

Wow, it's nice to hear this coming from the Brazilian jazz scene. It seemed like bossa was starting to fizzle, but you've brought new life to it, for sure.

Listen, listen, listen!

May 06, 2011 by Ben Bouman

Ever since I had heard Wim on his chromatic harp, I've always liked his different approach. Lots of players are trying to sound like the big names..but Wim has that little extra, that unique thing that the great players have.
I was waiting for the moment when it all came together for him, finding his music, his voice, his way of speaking his musical language. And I think he made a huge step with this album.
The band has that relaxed way of playing their music and that makes the harmonica shine through when necessary.
I can't wait to hear where all this is going... and now..RELAX AND LISTEN, YOU ALL!!!!

Ben Bouman

In fine, Perfect Nine!

May 06, 2011 by Alexander Savelyev

I spent 3 weeks listening to every track of this album (unmastered version) over and over again when on daily commute in different weather conditions and always discovering some new fascinating elements and details. I'm a fan of jazz harmonica and especially of Brazilian jazz. I discovered Wim a couple of years ago. I must say, his level performance is stunning -you trully forget that it's a harmonica - you just enjoy the music and freely flowing improvisation lines. And thanks to Wim I discovered absolutely brilliant musicians, eachexcelling in own capacity - perfect five. I'd be glad to hear live setting preserved like on Rodinha"...ready Kiko, ok, ok...".

What can I say, compositions are magical, arrangements and performance are fantastic! Humans have whole pallet of deep emotions and feelings, Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto in their new album masterfully put at least 9 of them on surface and retrieved their names for us. Now I know each name of the album tracks by heart. In, fine, Perfect Nine!

One of the best harmonica recordings I've ever heard

Apr 06, 2011 by Richard Hunter

I'm listening as I write this to a collection of pre-commercial release recordings by the Dumee and Dijkgraaf Quinteto, based in Brazil. The harmonica player is Wim Dijkgraaf, who also runs the Effortless Harmonica blog that you can find in my list of links at

This is amazing music, quintessential Brazilian jazz. Wim's playing has a lot of Toots in it, but the lines are all his own. The music overwhelms your emotions; so much beauty and elegant power. It's one of the best harmonica recordings I've ever heard, and any fan of Brazilian jazz would be glad to have it in their collection.

Commercial release should be soon. In the meantime, you can follow the band at: Worth the trip.


Richard Hunter
author, "Jazz Harp"

An open letter to Wim Dijkgraaf (Fri, 11 Oct 1996)

Feb 25, 2011 by Douglas Tate


Today I got your press kit of a variety of recordings of you playing chromatic
harmonica with a variety of backing groups. I hope you don't mind me posting thee contents here. To me it is one of the most exciting recordings I have listened to for a very long time.
For those of you who haven't heard Wim, although you have read him on this list, he plays 'jazz' chromatic. His sound is rich and rounded, his
technique immaculate, but the real killer is that it is SO listenable to and SO interesting
The main backing is drums, acoustic double bass, keyboard, guitars. The whole thing is delicately put together so that interest is constantly shifting,

There is a superb track of the tune 'Someday my Prince will come' of all things with just double bass, it is magical in its rhythmic certainty without the drive of a rhytmn section belting out.

The thing which comes across is the musical enjoyment of Wim and his total involvement in the music. It is a musical experience and ...Oh Yes!! There
is a harmonica doing it!! The other nice thing is that the harmonica is not playing all the time, the sound colurs shift and move and are constantly interesting

The one track which did not come off for me was an improvisation over a CD of the Samuael Barber Adagio, and this was because Ididn't like the playing
of the Atlanta Symphony orchestra on this recording. ( I usually like their stuff)

This is REAL music at the highest level. Thank you so much for this free set of recordings, I hope you SELL to everyone else who asks you,

I have only one complaint about the whole thing. There is not enough of it.

Douglas Tate

Wim Dijkgraaf - elegant and sophisticated jazz harmonica , USA 5.0 5.0 5 5 Wow, it's nice to hear this coming from the Brazilian jazz scene. It seemed like bossa was starting to fizzle, but you've brought new life to it, for sure.